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MAR. 14, 2013 Michael Jackson! HELP

Posted: Fri 25. Jan 2013, 12:29
by StarbuckMi
Hey everyone!

I have never done anything like this before but have always wanted to be apart of one.

For my boyfriends birthday I would love to have a flash mob group dance to a Michael Jackson song. He LOVES Michael Jackson and I think something like
this would blow him away!!

I don't have a location in mind but am up for suggestions. I live in Prenzlauer Berg but am more than willing to travel to any district to make this happen! Whether it be outside or inside. Maybe Mauerpark? any suggestions are welcome!

I am not a dance teacher - so I would need someone who would be willing to lead this group. Any Michael Jackson song from "Off the Wall" would work!

Maybe :

Get On The Floor
It's the Fallin In Love
Burn This Disco Out

or even..

The Way You Make Me Feel

Any opinions would be great! If this works out - awesome! If not, well, I tried and will keep trying somewhere else!

Feel free to respond here or if you want to message me, that works as well.

Thanks everyone!