global flashmob # 4 (GFM #4)

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global flashmob # 4 (GFM #4)

Post by Mattis Manzel » Tue 26. Jul 2005, 12:27

Glabal flashmob #4 steht an. In 2005.

eine Idee is GFM #4 "give and run"

die zentrale Seite für GFM #4 ist auf dem flashmob-wiki

'''Give something nice.''' Never something the person will not like. Could be whatever. My original idea was give-the-money-and-run-flashmob. But it's cooler with give whatever a person will like, a chocolate bar, a flower, could also be a a book or even a dollar, You'll find the right stuff, I'm sure.

Open space places, crowded public parks, not insides I think. mobbers hang around a bit, at a given time they aproach one of the persons (individual picked), present their gift and say (probably with a frightened voice, who knows?):

"Excuse me please. Could you please take this gift for you. Sorry, but I've got to go now,"

And off walks the flashmobber directly. Over.

No dumping 5 Euro notes in old ladies handbags and running away like a pickpocket please. The lady may suffer seriously from the shock. Present, give, walk away in a hurry, kinda. If people do not take the gift put it before them on the ground and walk away. Who has a chocolate bar has a nice piece of paper in his pocket to put it under the gift - heck! idea. We could write on this paper.

"You have just been taking part on the 4th golbal flashmob "give and run"

Enjoy your gift

your personal GFM#4 flashmobber"

But write something else if you feel like. Be creative. It's a global flashmob, c'mon.

If two flashmobbers accidentialy should pick each other, well, then we have two flashmobbers exchanging gifts (and letters?)

Whatever. Just a GFM-idea

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