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MASS LIP-SYNC Lüneburg 28th Feb 2013

MASS LIP-SYNC Lüneburg 28th Feb 2013

Beitragvon Mass lip-sync » Fr 11. Jan 2013, 02:20

Hello :D ,
I am an artist from Ireland and i am organizing a flash-mob type event in Lüneburg on the 28th Feb 2013 at 2pm called MASS LIP-SYNC.
I am not from Lüneburg so i will need people to get involved and help spread the word around to anyone living in or near Lüneburg prost .
I have set up a blog at: http://www.masslipsync.wordpress.com
here are the facebook links FOLLOW:
YOUTUBE Promo Video: http://youtu.be/8umuo1tZ4wE

here is a flyer i have made with more info:

Teilnehmende für ein „Mass Lip-Sync“

am 28.02.2013 um 14:00h gesucht!

Für die Konferenz Video Vortex #9 plant die irische Künstlerin Stephanie Hough eine Art Flashmob im Lüneburger Stadtraum, bei dem alle Teilnehmenden gemeinsam zu einem bekannten Pop-Song „singen“ und tanzen.

Zum Projekt:

In Anlehnung an die auf Youtube und anderen Plattformen verbreiteten Videos von Leuten allen Alters, die zu ihren Lieblingssongs lippensynchron singen und sich in Szene setzen, plant Stephanie Hough eine Aktion im öffentlichen Raum: Als Live-Aufführung einer internetspezifischen Aktion, überträgt die Künstlerin das Online-Phänomen des „Lyp-Sync-Videos“ in den „Realraum“. Mit der Aktion sind Freunde der Popmusik, Karaoke-Sängerinnen, Hobby-Tänzer und alle Youtube-User in der Region aufgefordert ihre Haarbürste zum Mikro zu machen. Mit diesen Haarbürsten ausgestattet und einem Song im Hintergrund werden die Teilnehmenden aus dem meist allein und daheim vor dem Computer ausgeführten Gesangsakt eine kollektive Aktion werden zu lassen.
Ein erstes Informations- und Vorbereitungstreffen findet am 20.02.2013 im Freiraum (Salzstr. 1 – hinter Hess-Schuhe, Eingang: Auf der Altstadt) statt.

YOUTUBE Promo Video: http://youtu.be/8umuo1tZ4wE


What: Mass Lip-Sync

Where: Lüneburg, Germany. (Just off Glockenstraße, in the small square in front of the Glockenhof Café, Lüneburg, Germany)

When: 28th February 2013 at 2pm

Mass Lip-Sync is a public participatory project happening in Lüneburg, Germany in February as part of Video Vortex #9. The event is open to anyone who would like to get involved by participating on the day. All you have to do is turn up on the day with a hairbrush of choice. The song will be I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany if you would like the mp3 file e-mail me.

If you would like to come along send an e-mail expressing your desire to attend

Contact: hough.stephanie@gmail.com


There will be two pre-event gatherings on the 20th & 26th Feb for those curious, intrigued or simply excited come along to:

Salzstr. 1 [Eingang Auf der Altstadt]
21335 Lüneburg

This will be a chance for you to meet others who want to get involved, find out more about the project & the idea behind it.

(you can still participate in Mass Lip-Sync even if you cannot attend the pre-event gatherings as there are no rehearsals necessary)


The Mass lip-synch will be a response to the typical lip-synch videos found on Youtube. Being a live enactment and repositioning of online culture, by res- taging a mass version of this online cultural activity from an online location to an offsite location. This is a simple action that people can easily relate to; the idea of singing or miming alone to your hairbrush in this escapist moment, mimicking the actions of pop stars. Allowing this private act from a intimate domestic space to be brought into the public realm. Humor is key expressed through the irony of a large group of people convening together to do what would normally be a solitary private act. The selection of the song ‘I Think Were Alone now’ covered by Tiffany acts to compound this irony and make it more apparent. This song being subverted by the public context this event is placed within, ironically pointing to a return to community engagement. The key relatable message for observers and participants being: though you think your alone you’re not. Private space is no longer sacred as the internet infiltrates out daily life, and with the threat of the abuses to personal online information.
Mass lip-sync
..hat bock auf flash-mob
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Re: MASS LIP-SYNC Lüneburg 28th Feb 2013

Beitragvon Mass lip-sync » Fr 11. Jan 2013, 02:54

Lots of info above, but its gonna be great "craic" as they say in ireland!
if you want to get in touch just reply to this topic !
looking forward to hearing from you :)

Mass lip-sync
..hat bock auf flash-mob
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