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The Condor

The Condor

Beitragvon Mr Wild » Di 30. Dez 2014, 18:56

Hey! I'm a visual artist and poet living in Berlin. I'm currently working on a large project to take place in the summer of 2015. The fete de la musique is always a great event to look forward to in summer and one that brings the people out. The idea for my project requires 500 people to take part in a simultaneous act. Probably from the top of a hill or a similar place of suitable altitude. That's your clue. My intention is to create a piece of art that celebrates an innate childlike wonder of the world (one which we all possess but at times, seems to get lost along the way) In the same way that the fete de la musique is a celebration of music, this is an art for art's sake project. I thought the fete de la musique would be a good time to make my project happen as there are always lots of open minded people out and about who I think would be happy to get involved. Each person will have an equally important part to play in the project. You won't have to do anything difficult, arduous or physically demanding, but it may take some time. (1-2 hours) Hopefully you'll understand that I cannot give the full details of the project at this time. Best that it remains under wraps for the moment. Suffice it to say the idea is quite simple. And there's a good clue in the title.

If you think you would like to help me or you are interested to know more please respond to this post.
Also, if anyone knows of a specifically arts related forum for Flash-Mobs I would appreciate the info.


Mr Wild
Mr Wild
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